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John Michael Chambers is the author of seven books. He has also written over three hundred articles on his word press blog website

Trump and the Resurrection of America

Leading America’s Second Revolution – The Battle Begins

Published 2017, Outskirts Publishing

Nominated for the 24th annual Colorado Independent Publishers Association Evvy Awards


How to Detect Truth from Lies in the Age of Fake News

New opportunities through the paradigm shift of consciousness

Published 2017

Breaking free from the matrix.

What One Man Can Do

America’s Last Stand, No Trump – No Hope

Published 2016

Commentary and analysis of the Trump phenomenon during the 2016 campaign cycle

The Road Map – Your Passport to Freedom

Published 2016

Proprietary model to survive and thrive in Trumps America. Simple approach providing a step by step outline and raises some very important issues and questions for the times in which we live.

What is Pollmole?

Polling Technology to Empower the President By-Passing Media Censorship

Published 2016

Introducing PollMole . PollMole’s Time Has Come . President Trump Meets PollMole . Call to Action

Misconceptions and Course Corrections

A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times

Published 2015

This book represents an overview of life and living and serves as the groundwork to inspire truth seeking critical thinkers. Challenging and controversial. A clarion wake-up call.

Surviving Global Governance

Published 2013

Surviving Global Governance Co-authored by John Michael Chambers along with Richard Davis, MD and Kirk Elliott, PhD. The ruling elite and secret cabal are clearly labeled here along with their intent for mankind.

John’s Books


Republican Clubs . Tea Party Groups . Patriot Groups . Trump Clubs

John Michael Chambers has spoken publicly to date in over forty cities, eight states and three countries where he addresses the impact of globalization and the changes and challenges facing not only Americans but all of humanity. His speech always covers the most current, critical, political, geo-political and economic issues of the day as President Trump takes on the Deep State and the Shadow Government. John, a registered Republican, resides in Tampa, Florida speaking across the state and country.

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Founder of the Save America Foundation 501(c)(4)

Washington, D.C., John attended meetings held by members of Congress that were also attended by former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, on Social Security Reform, Tax Reform, and Homeland Security.

Awarded by the Presidential Business Advisory Council of Washington DC, 2004 & 2005, The Businessman of the Year Award for the state of Colorado. John is a patriot who loves his country and serves as but one voice for humanity.

Organized group meetings, roundtables and large scale conventions across the country.

Interviewed in the Wall Street Journal, CBS, NBC and many on-line media platforms including talk radio throughout the country.

Radio talk show host on 860 WGUL AM radio, a Salem Communications Company.

John has dedicated much of his time and resources often times at great sacrifice over the past two decades sharing insightful and empowering information to help keep freedom alive.

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Strategic Wealth Coach

In 2017 John formed The Economic Institute for Asset Preservation and serves this company as a Strategic Wealth Coach. The philosophy of the Institute is truly a paradigm shift in thinking offering members a new and superior, proactive approach to protecting and preserving wealth. This ushers in control and predictability with certainty one will not outlive one’s income and will not only survive but thrive. Meanwhile so many others will continue to operate in the deceitful and flawed modalities being advised by an industry they no longer trust. A great change is on the horizon.

From 1996 – 2008, John was a successful Financial Advisor, with a total of six independent offices in Colorado, Florida, and New Mexico that primarily focused on wealth preservation. He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal as well as many other newspapers and radio and television stations of note across the country, including CBS and NBC. He retired from this successful career in 2008. Today John offers private one on one wealth coach consulting and an on-line membership.

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More About John

John Michael Chambers was born and raised in New York and has traveled across much of the United States as well as over ten countries. Presently residing in both the U.S. and Asia. John is an effective communicator, operates with high integrity, is intuitive and a visionary. John’s objectives are clear. He strives to awaken, inspire, motivate, unify and empower individuals to help resurrect America and to bring about a safer saner world for posterity. John continues to assert his will into his life and into this world. He does this courageously with much sacrifice and with love.



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  • Trump and the Resurrection of America

    Published 2017: Leading America’s Second Revolution. With the recent upset of the century,…

  • What One Man Can Do

    Published 2016: This book was written as a commentary and analysis of the Trump phenomenon during the 2016 election cycle.…

  • Misconceptions and Course Corrections

    Published 2015: This book represents an overview of life and living and serves as the groundwork to inspire truth seeking…

  • Surviving Global Governance

    Published 2013: Surviving Global Governance Co-authored by John Michael Chambers along with Richard Davis, MD and Kirk Elliott, PhD. The…