I received a PDF copy from the author, with whom I share many concerns about and hopes for the Trump Presidency, and am truly delighted with all that he has done. As a former spy who also co-created the Marine Corps Intelligence Intelligence Activity and went on to found the Open Source Intelligence discipline, I deal every day with complex nuanced topics that I find very difficult to explain to normal people.

This author has done a BRILLIANT job, a PATRIOTIC job, a LIFE-ENHANCING and GOD- BLESSED job, of laying out both the threats to the Trump Presidency and to America, and the threats and possibilities for resurrecting America and saving it from the Deep State I know so well.

The chapter on Agenda 2030, the UN’s nominally well-intentioned but actually deeply threatening hegemoic goals, is alone worth the price of the book and I have asked the author’s permission to extract and publish that chapter.

Nothing is what it seems if you are a normally educated person who relies on the mainstream media (Crap News Network, New York Compost, Washington Poop) for their information. This book is education and valuable — politically, culturally, economically, ethically — in every possible sense of the word. BRAVO!

Robert David Steele, Former CIA, Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2017

As a retired journalist, I have watched in horror as a large segment of my chosen profession has deviated into political propaganda. Who knows what happened to the unspoken Hippocratic Oath of accuracy and honesty? Remember when?

John Michael Chambers knows and has answered the clarion call to activate the army of patriots in America in its defense. Uncovering the hidden corrupt agenda which is driving the anti-American dishonesty, TRUMP AND THE RESURRECTION OF AMERICA shows with crystal clarity what the Shadow Government’s vicious machine of hatred is attempting to accomplish.

We have been blessed with a champion, a duly elected President, who deserves the unified support of all Americans.  How can we help him drain the swamp?  How can we help him and all truthful journalists to save America?  Maybe the world?  Start by reading TRUMP AND THE RESURRECTION OF AMERICA.  Then share it with every friend you care about.

Carol Stecher, Bradenton, FL,

“I just finished reading his book and I can say this book is disruptive, transformational and inspiring. It challenges even the most awakened reader.”

“I have known John Chambers since our early days together at the Save America Foundation. John is one of the most relentless, tireless and ruthlessly honest people that I have ever known. He is funny, engaging, street-smart and knows how to think outside the box. He is a dedicated patriot and a visionary. His gifts are numerous, but he remains a humble man of dedicated purpose. Best of all, John knows how to get things done. He doesn’t just sit back and complain or take pot shots at people who are fighting the good fight. He pitches in and helps where he can. I am honored to have known John and count him as a dear friend.”

Richard Davis, MD, Florida

“I have known John for about ten years both professionally and personally. We have jointly written a book together, worked on numerous other projects and spoke around the country at conferences and on radio shows promoting financial, economic, and religious freedom. John has the tenacity of a bull dog with a heart to help people that’s larger than life.”

Kirk Elliot, PhD, Colorado